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Does This Sound Like You?

You've had vision of starting an online business for a while...like maybe even years. You may even attempted to start before but it wasn't successful because you didn't know WHAT or HOW to sell. Or you lacked passion, and eventually you got overwhelmed with the LEARNING CURVE and took a break from all the stress...and on top of all that hard work, you weren't even making any money!

But now, you're ready to go all in...again!  Another attempt to be the boss GOD called you to be.

Sounds familiar? Well we have great news for you. 
Adorn Boss Business Academy was created to help new & aspiring Christian Women Digital Entrepreneurs get unstuck and go from being a "Wantrepreneure" to a profitable "Entrepreneur."

  • Do you feel like... you're stuck in a phase of analysis paralysis? Even though you've gained so much knowledge, ironically you still don't feel you know enough to start.
  • Does it seem... like the products or content you created is not good enough to present to the world, especially when you compare it to what your competitors have to offer. 
  • Are you frustrated with... all the online business strategies and tactics and you're overwhelmed not knowing which step to take first.
  • And when it comes down to it...  you are just plain scared. Fear of failure or Fear of succeeding is keeping you from taking the leap of faith in your business.
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How to Find Your Profitable Niche Course

This STEP-BY-STEP course is the starting point to gaining the clarity you've been desiring for so long. Get unstuck and Finally START YOUR BUSINESS.
We created the A.D.O.R.N. method: A simple 5-step guide to help new & aspiring christian women entrepreneurs discover how to align your spiritual gifts & passions with your business mission. 

Get Ready to Gain Clarity &

Stop Analysis Paralysis 

Simple 5-steps to Find Your Niche  

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Our Founder, Rachel Ligon spent years learning from mentors, coaches, books and other paid programs before actually launching her online business.Through all her years of researching, she discovered there are only 5-simple steps every Faith-Based entrepreneur must do before launching their business. Now you have the opportunity to learn her story of how she applied the A.D.O.R.N. method to overcame anxiety and analysis paralysis and launched the
Adorn Boss Business Academy. 

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Prefer to Multi-task?

Download The Audio Book

We love Audio Books at Adorn Boss Business Academy!
Everyone has different learning styles and we want to make
FINDING YOUR PROFITABLE NICHE as convenient as possible. 
Listen to the audio of  "How I Found My Profitable niche" by Rachel Ligon while driving, doing the dishes, or while at your job that you can't wait to quit once your business finally takes off. 
This book will help you achieve your entrepreneurship goals faster. 

The original #AdornBoss

Hi, I'm Rachel!

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Rachel Ligon is a Christian Content Creator, Author & Course creator. 

She spent more than a decade working in Broadcast Journalism & TV & Film Production before finally taking the leap of faith to launch her lifestyle brand Adorn Faith.

Realizing her spiritual gift of Teaching, she decided to teach everything she's learning about becoming an online entreprenure in her  Adorn Boss business Academy.   

She's looking forward to sharing Course, Books and Resources in her Adorn Boss podcast featuring special guests with expertise in the Digital Marketing Space.

Rachel considers every person in her #AdornBoss & #AdornSisters community to be blessed because she serves out of LOVE with the intentions to help you evolve your spiritual, mental & financial health.


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Our Most Popular Products

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How To Find A Profitable Niche


A step-by-step course teaching how to find your profitable niche using the A.D.O.R.N. Method. Rachel walks you through how she uses the Simple 5-Step guide to find the niche for Adorn Boss Business Academy. Follow along using the "Profitable Niche Workbook" to Customize the strategies within your business.

In this course, you will learn:

  • ​Assignment, find out your spiritual gifts, personality & passions. What's God's assignment for your life?
  • Discover, who needs your gifts and how you can serve them
  • ​One-Step-Ahead, learn what your strengths & overcome comparison and analysis paralysis
  • Research, the market and learn how to stand out 
  • Niche Down, Create your niche statement
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How I Found A Profitable Niche


Learn how our Founder of Adorn Boss Business Academy, Rachel Ligon over came years of analysis Paralysis, Anxiety and finally found her Profitable Niche using the A.D.O.R.N. Method.

Inside, you will:

  • ​Learn, the #1 thing that's keeping you stuck
  • ​Overcome, Limiting beliefs
  • ​Gain confidence, to finally start your business
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How to Find A Profitable Niche


This FREE resource guide teaches you to ask the right questions to discover your profitable niche

Inside, we'll show you:

  • ​Learn, your spiritual gifts & passions
  • Write out, effective brainstorming techniques
  • ​Fill out, a niche statement template
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Biblical Guide To Prayer & Fasting

This book will help you on your journey to discovering your Spiritual Gifts and Overcoming Spiritual Attacks on your journey to serve the Lord in you Faith-Based Business.
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